Why Source From The Forest?

See why From the Forest provides customers with an EDGE over their competition.

Excellent Product Construction & Quality - Insure NO callbacks; Short term or long term.

Central United States Location - Weston, Wisconsin is in the middle of the North American hardwood supply, reducing inventory and transportation costs.

Flexible Manufacturing and Creative Product Solutions - Allows customers many product features to choose from so they can customize and offer unique solutions.

Service - Midwest values with an experienced team of customer service and product engineers that will design and make wood flooring that looks great and performs exceptionally.

Value Priced Products - Due to efficient raw material sourcing from Wisconsin forests and innovative manufacturing processes.

Environmental Sustainability

Preserving our natural resources and environment are important at From the Forest. The raw materials used for the flooring products are sourced only from managed forests in the United States. and our wear resistant, ceramic top coats and stains are water based and UV cured to protect air quality and our adhesives meet the highest standards for air emissions.

Interview with the President

Tryggvi Magnusson, co-founder and President of From the Forest, LLC , a native of Iceland has been creating innovative flooring products for over 25 years. In 1984 he was instrumental in developing the technologies behind the laminate flooring industry. He has consulted for many of the best in the industry including Armstrong, Formica, Shaw, and Masco to name a few. He was also the founder and President of Award Flooring in 1997 – 2003. Creative ideas and innovative solutions are his speciality.

Press Release January 2008

Floor Covering Weekly Article April 2009

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Excerpts from recent industry interview

Mr Magnusson, why did you start From the Forest? Magnusson: in 2004 I was working for other flooring manufacturers on a consulting basis and became aware that our clients wanted fresh product ideas but needed help with start up and back up production services. They also wanted to get products to market in 60 days verses the 6 months or longer it was taking them. Our retail and distributor clients were looking for the same thing in addition to reducing their inventory carrying costs and finding a way to eliminate the forecasting challenges they were having from China.

From the Forest

Who We Are

From the ForestFounded by industry veterans Tryggvi Magnusson (President) and Susan Lang (Vice President and General Manager). The team understands the responsibility of producing private label flooring. As stated by Susan Lang "the customer's brand is on the carton and we make sure their product specification and standards are followed without exception". We have over 40 years of combined wood flooring manufacturing experience and our customers benefit from this experience by knowing the products are designed for stability and long-term wear.