Industry's Best Finish - WearMax DWR

From The Forest finishes all of our products with the industry’s number one performing topcoat called WearMax DWR.

This top coat performance is 2X more resistant to water, stains, wear, and abrasions. You won't have to worry about refinishing or re-screening your engineered hardwood floor for 10-15 years!

This protective topcoat makes cleaning and maintaining your gorgeous wood flooring easier than ever before. Premium stain resistance makes cleaning up fast and simple. The DWR finish even protects against UV damage, which prevents your floors from fading in the sunlight. Finally, everyday dirt and wear is no problem against WearMax protection.

Not only is WearMax DWR the best top coat in the industry, but it is also environmentally safe to help protect air quality and emissions. Make your wood floors look beautiful for longer with WearMax finished products by From The Forest.