3 Reasons To Add Wood Planks to Your Wall

3 Reasons To Add Wood Planks to Your Wall

It’s no secret that installing wood floors can enhance the look, durability, and value of your home. The benefits of natural wood don’t stop at your floors, though. You can also install wood planks on your walls to create a unique and beautiful space in your home. From full makeovers to bold accent walls, the creative possibilities of wooden wall planks are nearly endless. Eager to learn more? Check out these three reasons to add wood planks to your wall.

It Adds a Touch of Cozy

There’s something innately warm and homey about natural wood. A wood accent wall is a great way to add that little bit of coziness to a room. This works particularly well with open floor plans or minimalist designs. If your wide-open spaces feel just a little too cold or empty, a well-matched wooden accent can immediately make the place feel more like home. For this same reason, wood planks are great for adding a touch of intimacy to entryways. A wood accent wall near the front door is the perfect way to give guests a warm welcome into your home.

You Can Go Rustic and Rural

If your home already feels warm and rustic, why not further emphasize that atmosphere? Choose wood planks with unique grain or character marks to create a woodsy or rural vibe. The added texture and warm tones are perfect for creating a rustic look befitting cabins or farmhouses. Of course, you want to choose a color and style that doesn’t darken or crowd the room too much. With endless stains, grains, and other options available, you can find the perfect planks to show off your country character and charm.

It Creates a Unique Focal Point

One of the best reasons to add wood planks to your wall is that you can create a look that stands out. When you establish a wooden accent wall in a room, it draws the eye and creates a focal point. This is a brilliant way to define a small space, turn attention toward a piece of art, or add a bold texture or color to an otherwise neutral room. If you’re looking for a unique touch of character for your home, wall planks are the way to go.

Like our hardwood flooring, our wall planks come in many styles and colors to fit whatever design, atmosphere, or theme you want to create in your home. Find the next great addition to your room—be it on the floor or along the walls—by shopping our collections of maple, walnut, and white oak plank hardwood flooring and wall planks.

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