5 Reasons Engineered Flooring Is Becoming More Popular

Choosing the right flooring for your home is a crucial task. After all, it’s your home’s foundation. Standard flooring options include carpet, vinyl, linoleum, tile, and wood flooring. One of the most recently popular flooring selections is engineered flooring.

Engineered wood is a modern material offering plenty of benefits. It consists of numerous wood scraps grounded into sawdust, bonded through compression and adhesives, then topped with a layer of natural hardwood. This new engineered substance provides the ideal type of flooring for many people’s space. So what makes it more noteworthy than other floor forms? Here are five reasons engineered flooring is becoming more popular.


Many people know engineered flooring for its longevity and durability. Typically, a high-quality engineered plank lasts up to 20-40 years, lasting to the end of most people’s homeownership. Engineered hardwood’s layered structure and composition of multiple wood kinds make it a sturdy base for flooring. Plus, its overlapping build creates a dense product that withstands various weights and degradation from heavy foot traffic.

Engineered wood further provides durability on its surface. As mentioned above, the top layer of engineered lumber consists of a natural hardwood veneer. That surface layer often comes coated with some form of finish. Prefinished planks provide an extra barrier between external sources and the wood, making them more resistant to scratches and dents.

Design Diversity

Whether you want an upscale modern look or a cozy farmhouse feel, engineered floorings can help you achieve your desired style. Engineered planks offer a diverse range of natural and stained colors, providing you with plenty of options to explore. There are various natural, red, gray, golden, light brown, and dark brown engineered wood flooring selections. Lighter stains and woods brighten rooms and achieve more minimalistic, modern, and Scandinavian interiors. Meanwhile, darker floorings create rustic and Mediterranean-style spaces.

Although the core of engineered wood consists of grounded and compressed wood, its natural wood surface is all that people see. Since the top layer is real hardwood, engineered floors feature authentic textures and wood grain designs. Along with its large color spectrum, engineered wood also offers a wide span of textures. Hardwood species like red oak and black walnut display vivid and deep wood burls, adding unique earthy textures to a floor. Other species, like hard maple and hickory, showcase more tamed and minor grain details.

Room Versatility

Engineered wood floors’ durability and design diversity make them an optimal flooring choice for any room. Typically, you shouldn’t choose wooden floors for humid or moist areas, but the engineered wood’s layered build paired with an underlayment makes them a viable flooring option for bathrooms, mudrooms, and basements. They also make the best flooring for rooms with heavy foot traffic because of their strong endurance to degradation. Plus, specific colors and textures hide paw marks, scratches, and dents.

Engineered wood floors make a suitable match for those who prefer lots of character, individuality, and statements pieces in their home. As previously mentioned, natural wood consists of lots of earthy and authentic textures. Therefore, engineered floors feature these natural wood designs on the surface, adding uniqueness to a room because no pure lumber has the same pattern as another.


With more people embracing the sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, engineered wood floors seize many people’s interest. You can practically use any wooden resource to make the core of engineered wood because the manufacturer will ground it. Therefore, you can practice sustainability by incorporating scrap or recycled lumber into the core of your engineered wood, saving you from cutting down fresh trees.

You need only a single layer of solid wood for the surface of engineered boards. Using small portions of actual lumber for the top of the plank saves you from deforesting hardwood forests since one tree supplies numerous floorboards. From the Forest uses ethical and sustainable practices when manufacturing our flooring by incorporating recycled materials, scraps, and faulty timber. Engineered wood makes it easier to enforce more environmentally friendly practices.

Installation Accessibility

A majority of the engineered flooring consumers are DIYers. Manufacturers design engineered floors with easy installation in mind, offering you numerous different methods. The various installation forms include nailing, stapling, gluing, or interlocking the groove and tongue of individual boards—also known as floating.

Additional installation steps include prep work, like inserting underlayment and acclimating the planks to the room temperature. Both prep steps take minimal to no effort, making the installation process for engineered floorings DIY-friendly.

From longevity to easy installation, a variety of engineered woods’ benefits are in this list of reasons engineered flooring is becoming more popular. With so much to love, it’s easy to understand why many people are attracted to engineered wooden floors.

On top of the many benefits of engineered wood, a few other external factors also help increase its recent popularity.

  • The Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Trend: Many of the world’s population acknowledge the importance of living an eco-friendly lifestyle to sustain a healthy planet and societal future. Part of people’s environmental pledge includes incorporating more sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly practices into their lives, like designing sustainable homes. As more people hop onto the environmental trend, the more popular engineered flooring becomes.
  • Increased Accessibility: Technological advancements make various things more accessible to people in varying locations, including knowledge and resources. You can now order engineered floors online and ship the planks to your home. We offer a range of online flooring selections and deliver to numerous locations, making engineered flooring accessible to a large span of people.
  • The Reign of Rustic and Cottagecore Interiors: Rustic and cottagecore aesthetics continuously surge in popularity. These interiors highlight natural textures, which many of the engineered planks feature. Many people find rustic and cottagecore interiors cozier than other designs since they tap into nature’s soothing, nurturing, and homey ambiance. Engineered wood provides homeowners with a flooring option that meets their floor’s practical and style requirements.

There are many reasons engineered wooden floors are rising in popularity. They’re attractive and make a perfect match for an assortment of homes and lifestyles. Explore From the Forest’s collection of engineered wood flooring, and discover how you can incorporate this fantastic design feature into your space.

5 Reasons Engineered Flooring Is Becoming More Popular

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