Dark Hardwood vs. Light Hardwood: How to Choose

Dark Hardwood vs. Light Hardwood: How to Choose

Dark Hardwood vs. Light Hardwood: How to Choose

When it comes time to designing (or redesigning) a room, the flooring is a major decision. You’ve made the wise choice to turn to engineered hardwood floors, but now it’s time to choose the texture, the species of wood, and—perhaps most importantly—the color. There are plenty of different options available, but the choice doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Find the perfect flooring to fit your home and style with this guide on how to choose between dark hardwood vs. light hardwood.

Matching Your Home

The color of your floors influences the rest of the space. If the space has a strong preexisting style or atmosphere, take that into consideration when browsing through hardwood colors. Think about how the colors of your furniture and walls will look next to your new flooring. It’s also important to consider the rest of your house. Does your home have a lot of open space and natural light? Lighter hardwood would probably match better. Does it have a more modern, elegant style? You might want to stick to darker tones.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

One of the benefits of any hardwood floor is its durability. However, both light and dark hardwood floors take some maintenance and cleaning to stay in good shape. This is where light hardwood has the advantage. Scratches, dust, and other imperfections tend to show up more against darker colors. When you’re considering dark hardwood vs. light hardwood and how to choose between them, keep your lifestyle in mind. If you have dogs or kids, you might want a lighter wood that better hides dirt and scratches. On the other hand, light hardwood also tends to fade faster in the sun, while dark hardwood maintains its color longer. If your room gets a lot of direct sunlight, dark hardwood might be the way to go.

Your Own Preference

Of course, when it comes down to it, the decision is yours. It’s your room and your home, so make sure you pick a hardwood that’s right for you. Whether you want the warm, rich tones of engineered walnut flooring or a bright, cheerful white oak, From the Forest has the perfect engineered hardwood floorings options to complement your home and style.


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