Everything You Need To Know About Wall Planks

Everything You Need To Know About Wall Planks

You can make any room in your home stand out by adding earthy tones and a natural texture with a wall plank feature. Wall planks make great backsplashes, serving as organic alternatives to the common tiled backsplashes. These wooden design features create stunning statement pieces and provide you with an easy DIY interior upgrade.

So what are wall planks? These are light pieces of wood that you can fit together in patterns and stick on surfaces such as walls and ceilings. Most modern wall planks also go by the term “shiplap” because they feature shiplap-cut edges that join the pieces of wood into a tight, snug fit. Below, you can discover everything you need to know about wall planks.

Best Places To Use Wall Planks

From your bedroom to your kitchen to your bathroom, these planks can accentuate any room within your home. Planks made from engineered hardwood have water-resistant qualities and can withstand numerous room conditions.

To highlight the beauty of these wooden panels, you can place them in rooms public to visitors. Complement the wall planks with more wooden staples around your home, such as our USA-made engineered hardwood flooring, to achieve an earthy, rustic farmhouse interior.


To stick the shiplap onto a surface, you’ll need to use an adhesive. Some planks come with preapplied adherents, creating an easy peel-and-stick installation process. Before you commit to sticking, make sure to arrange the pieces on the floor to match your intended wall placement. Double-check that you leave necessary spaces or cut-outs in your floor draft. You can trim planks with a saw to fit them to your desired pattern and around obstacles.

When placing the pieces, make sure to follow specific installation requirements related to room conditions. Most adhesives work better in certain temperatures to avoid spacing slippage and other sticking issues.

Common Shiplap Patterns

Wall planks give you creative freedom in the arrangement process, allowing you to choose from numerous layout designs. On top of the generic variations of horizontal or vertical formations, you can arrange shiplap into a chevron, staggered, herringbone, square, or basketweave pattern. You can also play around with color in your wall plank design to add more artistic modifications, such as switching between stain colors.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Once you have your wall planks installed, it’s time to learn how to maintain your beautiful new interior feature. Wall plank maintenance doesn’t require a lot from you other than cleaning and scratch-masking. Engineered hardwood planks consist of a durable material that withstands most cleaning products. You can clean your planks with specific sprays or even just a wet cloth. You can also use scratch concealer or wood touch-up markers and crayons for scratch patch-ups.

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about wall planks, give your interior a little more flair with some earthy design features. With From the Forest wall planks and USA-made engineered hardwood flooring, you can transform your space into a cozy, down-to-earth home.

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