How and When To Incorporate: Maple Engineered Flooring

How and When To Incorporate: Maple Engineered Flooring

How and When To Incorporate: Maple Engineered Flooring

Are you eyeing hard maple for your flooring choice? There’s a lot to love about maple engineered hardwood flooring. The light color, the clean grain, and the reliable hardness make this an appealing choice for homeowners, property managers, and business owners across the country. Delve deeper into the features and benefits of hard maple with this guide on how and when to incorporate maple engineered flooring.

The Perks of Hard Maple Flooring

Maple engineered wood flooring is a widely available and affordable option for any project, partially due to the fact that manufacturers source it right here in the USA. Like that of the ever-popular white oak, the naturally light color of maple offers a neutral foundation for your room. This makes it a versatile option that fits nearly any design. Select a clean grade of maple to complement your sleek and contemporary space. Alternatively, use a more rustic grade to add cozy character in a more traditional, homey space.

Maple engineered wood flooring is harder and more durable than many other options, so it holds up better in high-activity homes or businesses. People who choose maple flooring don’t have to worry as much about dents and other damage to their floors.

Clean Grain for a Consistent Look

Many people admire maple flooring for its clean and fine grain patterns. The uniform appearance of these grain patterns turns the floors into a wonderful blank slate, adding to its versatility and design potential. Businesses enjoy the consistent look that can please everyone who walks through their doors. Homeowners who like to mix up their interior design frequently will enjoy a floor that always matches their new style and ideas.

Natural, Beautiful Light Tones

Another beloved quality of maple engineered wood flooring is its naturally light tone. Maple wood ranges from a creamy white to a light brown color, making it perfect in an open, airy space. Adding maple floors to a room will brighten the space and make it feel bigger. This is a crucial part of learning how and when to incorporate maple engineered flooring.

Is maple engineered hardwood flooring the right choice for your next project? Explore the warm, durable, and versatile collections at From the Forest to find the perfect choice for your home or business.

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