How and When To Incorporate: Red Oak Engineered Flooring

How and When To Incorporate: Red Oak Engineered Flooring

When desiring a change in a room or just beginning to design it, consider engineered flooring. Its practicality and ease of installation and care make it the number one choice in today’s homes. The difficult part of the decision process comes when trying to choose which kind of engineered flooring to use. In this article, we’ll look at how and when to incorporate red oak engineered flooring to help narrow down your flooring choices.

You Seek Warmth

Nothing says warm like red oak. With its reddish-pink undertones, red oak is the perfect wood to create dark walnut colors and shades of coffee. Red oak is actually lighter than white oak, but it holds stain well, and the undertones give it a warmth even if only whitewashed.

You Seek Traditional

Red oak is a classic. It has stood the test of time because it goes so well with anything. Although trends come and go, many homeowners circle back to red oak because of its classic, traditional look. Remember when everyone was painting over their oak trims and doors? Much of that was solid red oak, and now homeowners are seeking that comfortable style once again.

You Want Gorgeous Grain

Some describe red oak’s grain as wild and unpredictable. It certainly is recognizable. If you appreciate the beauty of wood grain, you’ll enjoy red oak engineered flooring in your home. The grain is often rippling and rough-looking. The right stain only brings out the lovely grain even more.

Durability Is a Must

When durability is important, you can count on red oak flooring to handle the job. It’s a hardwood, making it perfect for a house full of kids and pets. Red oak is often found on stair treads because of its durability and inability to warp. That means you can easily trust it on your floors.

Which Room?

When deciding how and when to incorporate red oak engineered flooring, it’s essential to consider the room it’s going in. When using engineered red oak flooring, virtually any room is suitable.

As mentioned, red oak gives a room a warm and cozy vibe. Use this flooring choice as an opportunity to contrast the warmth with cool colors on the walls. Light blues and greens are a lovely contrast to a stained red oak floor. In a kitchen, choose red oak in a shade lighter than the stained cabinets or a dark red oak to contrast white cabinets.

No matter where you use it, red oak engineered flooring may be traditional, but it doesn’t lack style. Because of its hard durability and choices of colors, it easily becomes whatever style you need.

At From the Forest, we offer red oak engineered wood flooring, along with many other engineered wood flooring choices. We are proud to carry only the highest quality, American-made flooring with a carbon-friendly footprint. Contact From the Forest or browse our online store for more information and inspiration.

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