How and When to Incorporate: White Oak Engineered Flooring

How and When to Incorporate: White Oak Engineered Flooring

How and When to Incorporate: White Oak Engineered Flooring

You’ve read about the wonders of engineered hardwood flooring. You’ve grown attached to the idea of a beautiful, durable, and versatile foundation for your room. Now you just have to find the perfect wood species for your home.

It might be more challenging than you’d think. With many factors to consider and myriad options at your fingertips, the decision can be intimidating. Don’t rush through the process. Instead, take a closer look at all your options to find one that’s right for you. Let’s start with the ever-popular white oak engineered flooring. Learn why white oak is so beloved and how it can suit your home with this guide on how and when to incorporate white oak engineered flooring.

What Makes White Oak Stand Out?

Oak is a traditional choice for hardwood floors. Even today, white oak is a widespread and popular decision among homeowners. What makes it so desirable? To start, its Janka rating of 1360 means white oak can stand up to the dents and scratches of daily wear and tear. Plus, the closed grain of white oak makes it more resistant to moisture than other species. Finally, white oak has neutral undertones, which means it matches any design you can imagine. White oak also takes a wide variety of stains. Whether you want something rich and dark or light and airy, white oak flooring can meet your needs.

A Clean, Neutral Foundation

From country to contemporary, warm to cool, white oak serves as a gorgeous foundation for any style. Its gray and tan undertones create a perfectly neutral foundation for your room, giving you a clean slate to add any color scheme, decor, or layout you want. Are you itching to try something new and bold with your designs? This could be the perfect opportunity for how and when to incorporate white oak flooring. You don’t have to worry about matching your furniture or paint colors to your floor’s undertones; white oak simply goes with everything.

Sleek Grain for an Elongated Look

White oak comes with a clean grain pattern. When cut and made into floorboards, this grain follows the length of each plank, creating an elongated look. Depending on how you install your flooring, you can use this detail to your advantage. The long, sleek grain patterns will trick the eye into thinking the room is longer than it is. It’s a great way to maximize a tighter space and make a room feel more open. If you pair this trick with a lighter shade of white oak—which reflects light and brightens a room—you can make a smaller room feel spacious, airy, and luxurious.

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