How To Match Wall Color With Your Wood Floor

How To Match Wall Color With Your Wood Floor

One of the most difficult parts of designing a home is making sure all your colors work well together. There’s nothing more frustrating than having your heart set on a paint color and a wood floor stain only to find that they look awful together. Trying to find colors that complement each other can feel limiting, especially if you’re new to the world of interior design. Don’t fret! Once you understand a few basic rules and tips for how to match wall color with your wood floor, you can sort through a wide range of options to find the color scheme that speaks to you the most. Use these tips to create a room that you and your family will love.

Neutrals Never Fail

Do you want a paint color that makes your room look elegant, works well with your wood flooring, and matches any décor you put in place? Neutral tones are the way to go. Shades of white, cream, and gray work with any shade or undertone of wood. Both cool and warm undertones thrive beside neutral colors, which bring focus to the unique grain, character marks, and other details of your wood flooring. Painting with neutral colors also leaves room for more unique touches in other parts of the room, such as wall trimming, decorative rugs, furniture, window treatments, and other types of décor. Don’t worry about neutral tones limiting your options, either. From pristine whites to unique gray tones, you have a range of shades to choose from. Sample a variety of shades to find the tone that works best with your dream design.

Complement Your Undertones

Of course, neutral colors aren’t for everyone. If you’re dying to break out of the creams, beiges, and grays, keep one crucial detail in mind: your undertones. The undertone of your wood floor will help you determine which colors are safe and which will end in design disasters. One great way to add more lively colors to your room without clashing with your wood floors is to choose colors that complement your floor’s undertone. For orange, red, or golden undertones, seek out warm paint colors. Shades of brown, peach, or terracotta work beautifully with warmer wood floors. Alternatively, if you want to match cool gray undertones, you need cooler colors like blue, teal, or light purple. Matching undertones is a safe and surefire way to add more variety to your wall colors.

Get Bold With Contrast

Are you looking for something more dramatic in your home? Do you want a room that pops with color and character, making it unforgettable in the best way possible? Contrasting undertones is a bold option with high payoff. Your first step is to identify the undertone of your wood floors. Are you working with warm red or gold tones, or are you keeping it cool with a gray-based wood flooring? Once you know the answer, look up the opposite shade on a color wheel. For example, a rich red hardwood floor pairs nicely with a cool seafoam color. Soft lilac walls perfectly balance a yellow or gold-toned floor. Meanwhile, your ashy wood floor serves as a beautiful base for warm peach or soft gold walls. Contrasting tones are a great way to make a room feel bold and unique without incorporating loud, bright, or overwhelming colors.

Balance Light With Dark (and Vice Versa)

Brightness is another crucial part of how to match wall color with your wood floor. In addition to thinking about the undertone of your wood floors, you should consider how light or dark your flooring is. Light wall colors work with both light and dark wood floors, but pairing light floors with light walls might make the space look too washed out. On the other hand, pairing dark walls with a dark wood floor can make the room feel overly imposing. Balance your color intensity so that both your floors and your wall colors have a chance to shine. For example, lighter neutrals will highlight the natural beauty of your dark floors and create a sleek, modern look for your room. You should also consider natural lighting when balancing light and dark in a room. If the room lacks natural light, paler walls will brighten the space by reflecting more of that light. A room with abundant natural light, on the other hand, gives you the flexibility to experiment with darker tones.

Great Ideas To Get You Started

With all of these tips and tricks in mind, you can find the best wall color to suit any color and shade of wood floor. Are you looking for ways to get your creative wheels spinning? Here are some gorgeous ideas for light and dark hardwood floors to help you get started:

Wall Colors for Light Hardwood

Lighter hardwoods work well with both light and dark wall colors. Experiment with different shades and color intensities to find the perfect fit for your space, lighting, and décor. If you have neutrals on your mind, consider a pristine white that will keep the room bright. Meanwhile, a darker cream or gray will ground the room and provide a strong base for the rest of your décor. For lighter, cool-toned woods that might feel washed out in a brighter room, shades like red, rust, and terracotta add warmth and life to the space. Light wood floors are also a great opportunity for a bold and creative accent wall that will make the room pop. At the end of the day, lighter woods are a fantastic base for a variety of fun colors that you can keep changing to suit your evolving needs and style.

Wall Colors for Dark Hardwood

Dark floors can overwhelm a space when you match them with dark wall colors. To prevent the room from feeling small and cramped, balance your floors with lighter wall colors. Lighter neutral tones or colorful pastels can brighten the room and add a sense of peace and airiness to the space. Gleaming white walls work with darker floors to create a stark and elegant contrast to the room. If you’re working with gray-toned dark wood floors—such as a darker white oak engineered hardwood flooring option—think of your flooring as a neutral base. Soft, light colors like lilac, seafoam, or a creamy yellow will create an alluring and unique space for your home.

How To Match Wall Color With Your Wood Floor

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