The Best Low-VOC Flooring Options

The Best Low-VOC Flooring Options

The Best Low-VOC Flooring Options

Everyone wants a home in which they can feel safe and comfortable. One way to achieve that is to use healthy, nontoxic building materials in every room. That’s why homeowners and builders look for low-VOC flooring to ensure better air quality for the home. When it comes to nontoxic flooring, you have a few options. Each choice comes with its pros and cons, so it’s important to take your time to make an informed decision for your home. Add good health and good style to your home with one of these best low-VOC flooring options.

The Importance of Low-VOC Flooring

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are chemicals that evaporate quickly at room temperature. This means their fumes enter the air and harm the air quality in a room. Breathing in these fumes can be detrimental to your health. Less severe exposure might result in a headache or irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. Far more dangerous consequences include long-term damage to the kidneys, liver, or central nervous system. VOCs often show up in household products such as paints or disinfectant sprays. However, VOCs can also exist in building materials. That’s why homeowners and contractors must be careful when choosing a flooring option. Low-VOC flooring means fewer health risks and better air quality throughout the home.

The Best Low-VOC Flooring Options

Generally speaking, floors with a nontoxic seal or finish have the lowest VOC levels. These include solid hardwood floors, polished concrete, and tile. Keep in mind that every flooring option comes with a lot of variety. Take the time to consider the different materials and finishes available to you. Of course, no flooring option is perfect. That’s why research is key to finding the option that works best with your home’s needs and design.

Low-VOC Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is another great option with low VOC levels. The plywood that makes up engineered hardwood’s core contains formaldehyde, but the material will be cured and harmless by the time it leaves the manufacturer and reaches your home. Furthermore, most engineered hardwood flooring options come with nontoxic finishes and stains that preserve the air quality in your home.

You and your family’s health matters. With American-made wood flooring on your side, you can outfit your home with materials that will keep each room fresh and stylish. If it’s time for an upgrade, don’t hesitate to check out the collections at From the Forest today.

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