The Different Types of Wood Flooring Species

The Different Types of Wood Flooring Species

The Different Types of Wood Flooring Species

When it comes to your home’s flooring, you have a lot of decisions to make. Engineered hardwood flooring alone offers several different species of wood that would all make a valuable addition to your home. How do you choose between them? It’s important to keep your personal style and daily routine in mind. Does your home see a lot of foot traffic, particularly from little kids or furry friends? If so, you probably want a harder species to withstand the action. Does your décor call for warm colors or rich graining? You should pick a floor to match. Keep these details in mind as you learn more about the different types of wood flooring species in this guide.


Maple wood is a versatile choice that can fit nearly any style or aesthetic, from charming and traditional to sleek and contemporary. This species is exceptionally hard and dense, which means it provides great durability for those areas in the house that see a lot of foot traffic. Its resistance to dents and scrapes also make it ideal for houses with kids, pets, and other active residents. Maple wood has a fine, subtle grain to it. However, it also contains unique dark streaks that add a lot of character to your flooring.

White Oak

One of two distinct oak species, white oak contains unique gray undertones that create a cooler wood color. White oak has a fine grain that closely matches the rest of the wood. This creates a smooth look, perfect for crisp lines and elegant designs. White oak also has remarkable durability and stability. As a result, it’s been a popular hardwood flooring choice for centuries.

Red Oak

Red oak is one of the most popular hardwood flooring options in current housing trends. It’s the softest species on this list and boasts warm tones ranging from pinkish red to rich browns. Red oak’s grain patterns are darker than white oaks, giving each floor its own unique design. The versatility of red oak makes it perfect for nearly any hardwood flooring need.


Hickory is one of the hardest and most durable options among the different types of wood floor species, which means it’s fantastic for any high-traffic areas of your home like entryways and hallways. This durability also makes hickory an ideal choice for anyone with an active home full of kids, pets, and guests. Hickory wood features large knots, a unique grain pattern, and fascinating color variations that give each board a sense of character.

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