Why Hardwood Flooring Is the Best Option for Families

Why Hardwood Flooring Is the Best Option for Families

Why Hardwood Flooring Is the Best Option for Families

When it comes to designing your home, every detail should fit you, your family, and your lifestyle perfectly. The right building materials, paint colors, decorative style, and other choices can turn a basic household into the perfect place to raise a family. Whether you want to build the perfect place to bring home your first child or simply upgrade your current house, the right flooring options will give you a space that fits your needs. By choosing engineered hardwood flooring for your home, you’re choosing beauty, durability, longevity, and versatility. Give your hallways, bedrooms, and family rooms flooring that will complement your home for years to come, even as you fill the space with kids, pets, and other aspects of a happy, active life. You can learn more about why hardwood flooring is the best option for families with this guide.

Withstand Your Active Lifestyle

Families—especially young families—see a lot of action in their homes. You might have young kids running from room to room, playdates and other guests coming through your halls, or pets following you through the house. Over time, all that foot traffic can take its toll on your floors. Wood flooring can hold up against your active lifestyle. Unlike carpet and other softer floors that can snag, stain, or wear down easily, hardwood retains its beauty even in the high-traffic areas of your home. Plus, there are many tips and tricks that can help you keep your floors gleaming throughout the years. Add doormats and carpet runners to high-traffic areas such as the entryway or main hallways. You can also lay a cozy area rug in the living room to preserve the floors. Place felt pads on the feet of chairs, couches, and tables to prevent scratching.

Pay attention to the different kinds of wood flooring. Harder species of wood such as hickory or maple provide a solid, durable surface for your rooms. You should also consider the different colors and grades available. Flooring options with a darker grain, character markings, or a textured surface allow minor dents and scratches to blend in, keeping your floors looking pristine even if they take a little damage.

Make Cleaning a Breeze

You can’t live in a house without creating a little mess. No matter what kind of flooring you choose, you’re bound to run into spills and other accidents at some point in time. Fortunately, wood flooring is relatively easy to keep clean. Dirt and dust can linger in the hard-to-reach grooves or fibers of tile and carpet, but all you need to keep your wood flooring clear of debris is a broom and a dust mop. Plus, the solid surface of wood floors makes it easy to tell when you need to clean. It’s also much harder to stain hardwood. However, you’ll need to stay vigilant about spills and other liquid messes. As long as you have a towel on hand for a quick cleanup, you can keep your wood floors free of stains and moisture damage.

It’s also much easier for kids to handle a broom and dustpan than heavy vacuums or more complicated methods of cleaning, which means everyone can do their part to keep your beautiful floors in good shape.

Better Air Quality for Your Home

Did you know your floors can affect the air quality in your home? As we mentioned, wood floors don’t trap dust, dirt, and other debris like other flooring options do. If you have carpet in your home, the fibers can cling to this debris—as well as to other allergens such as pollen or pet hair—and trap it in the room. Carpets are also tempting places for dust mites to live. These and other microorganisms or allergens can then filter into the air, causing problems for you and your family. Wood flooring, on the other hand, doesn’t trap or harbor these particles. As a result, hardwood flooring promotes better air quality and a healthier home for anyone with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.

Flooring That Will Last

One of the greatest things about wood flooring is its durability. Hardwood flooring has stood the test of time in homes and buildings through the decades. When you choose engineered hardwood flooring for your home, you’re choosing flooring that will last your family the entire time you live there. With a little care and effort, you can maintain your floors and avoid having to spend money on replacements every few years. You can also polish, refinish, or re-stain your floors to keep them looking as good as new. Engineered hardwood floors also have the benefit of increased moisture resistance, making them the perfect options for families with pets or younger children.

Great for Pets, Too

Speaking of pets, it’s important to think of your furry family members when you’re designing the perfect home. Hardwood flooring holds up well against dogs, cats, and any other four-legged residents of your household. You might want to invest in scratch concealer and make sure you keep your pets’ nails well-trimmed, but the strength and hardness of your wood flooring can withstand a lot of damage from running paws. The simplified cleaning routine also makes it easier for you to stay on top of pet hair and dander in your home. You can even choose a lighter wood species or stain that will disguise fur, keeping your home beautiful no matter how many beloved pets are running around.

Versatile Style to Suit Your Needs

Of course, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your dream home design just to create a safe and healthy home for your family. One of the reasons why hardwood flooring is one of the best options for families is its ability to match a wide range of home styles and atmospheres. You can choose darker colors or cooler tones—such as those found in white oak engineered hardwood flooring—to complement a sleek, modern look. Alternatively, pick something with warm tones and natural grain patterns to create a cozy, rustic atmosphere for your home. No matter what you want your home to look like, there’s a hardwood flooring option that will work perfectly.

Why Hardwood Flooring Is the Best Option for Families

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