Click & Lock with VacuuBond Installation Guarantee

The Many Ways You Will Save Money!

  • We guarantee all the points made below, or free replacement material will be sent to you! 

    • Do it yourself, no contractor needed 
    • If installation instructions are followed, we guarantee you cannot mess it up 
    • No Messy Glue is needed because all our planks offer an industrial strength pre-applied adhesive 
    • Saves you time compared to a standard glue down installation 
    • Better flooring acoustics – turn down the noise  
    • No gaps with click and lock profile 
  • How to keep this guarantee effective 

    • Follow installation instructions exactly 
    • Document each step of the installation process with photo’s  
    • If we do not have photos of your installation, then we cannot proceed with the return/exchange process. 
    • If you do run into any problems with installation, send your order number and photos following the process to and we will send you new material