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Q: What makes your products so "Innovative"?

A: The biggest problems with wood flooring is that it can be destroyed too easily and it takes A LOT of wood to make a floor.  From The Forest has addressed these issues with our HDF Core products. By using 100% recycled hardwood to make our 2x more dent resistant HDF cores, and when coupled with our superior Wearmax XT finish the necessary size of the wood veneer is minimal. These innovations ensure that our customers will pay less for a more durable environmentally friendly floor, all at a lesser cost.

Q: What is Wearmax XT?

A: Wearmax XT is our ceramic based aluminum oxide finish that we use on almost all of our products. Our chemists have developed a way to make our aluminum oxide particles smaller so that we can add more per sq. in. of the boards which makes it more resistant to scratching. This is perfect for homeowners with active family life.

Q: What is the average length of the boards in each carton and how much difference is there?

A: Depending on the product, up to 65% of the carton will be full length boards, the remainder will be random lengths starting around 12"-15” long. Also most cartons will have up to two “row starter" and/or “end boards” for the installer’s convenience.

Q: What is HDF?

A: Not to be confused with MDF or Medium Density Fiber which is usually found in laminates, HDF stands for High Density Fiber which we use as the core material for many of our products. The HDF we use is recycled from excess hardwood veneers used on our flooring, we then mix it with a water resistant resin and press it. This engineered wood product can be almost 2x harder than other wood flooring products and also can be up to 5x more resistant to moisture when compared to a laminate or other wood products in the industry.

Q: Is all HDF the same?

A: No. Just like many things HDF can vary in quality and performance depending on what it’s made out of and how it’s engineered. From The Forest, LLC has always used the highest quality HDF which comes from hard wood trees such as Hickory and Oak, instead of soft woods trees such as Pine and Poplar which makes a big difference as to how the product will perform over time.

Q: How many times can this floor be sanded and refinished?

A: All of our products that have a 2mm veneer (or top layer of wood) can be sanded down a maximum of 1 time, but our 1mm products can NOT be sanded. We’ve engineered our 1mm products (Vineyard and Slam Dunk Collections) to be 2x more dent resistant than average hardwood so that sanding should never be necessary. If you do experience damage over the years, you can screen and recoat (buff and coat) as many times as desired.

Q: Why do some of your products have a thinner veneer of wood on the top?

A: Contrary to popular opinion, by using a thinner veneer of wood we can minimize the size of indentations that will inevitably happen during the life of the floor. From The Forest believes that having a floor that is more durable and that lasts longer is better than having a floor that will require numerous sanding’s because it can damage easily. This is also why our products that have the thinnest layer of wood and thicker engineered HDF cores carry the best warranties because of their superior performance.

Q: If I want to staple down part of the wood and float other parts, do I have to order different cartons?

A: You can use both a staple and a floating installation as long as the different installation methods are in separate rooms and divided by a t-mold or some other transition piece that will allow the floating side to float without restriction. Also they need to be the same depth (e.g. 3/8" or 1/2") be sure to follow installation instructions which will be packed with the flooring.

Q: Do your products have low chemical emissions?

A: Our products have tested to be Phase 2 Carb Compliant for lowest possible air emissions and there are no added formaldehydes to our products. All of our raw materials are sourced from managed forests in North America

Q: Can I install a hardwood floor in a full bathroom?

A: Installing a wood floor in a full bathroom is not recommended due the high moisture associated with these areas which usually increase the potential for problems to develop.

Q: Can I install an engineered floor over a concrete subfloor?

A: The benefit of an engineered floor is that in most cases it can be installed directly over a concrete subfloor that is clean, flat, dry and structurally sound. Click on the Installation/Warranty link for more detailed installation guidelines.

Q: What is the difference between laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring?


  • Laminate: pressed particle or medium density fiber (MDF) board with a photograph of wood applied to the surface. Laminate flooring contains NO actual wood. It can be installed almost anywhere, using a click together or glue installation.
  • Solid: Generally a 3/4” thick solid block of wood. It can be installed on or above grade by a staple or nail down application. Although this is usually the customer's most expensive option it's also has the most problems associated with it due to
  • Engineered: Engineered floors are better suited for areas where environmental temperature and relative Humidity can not be held to a consistent level. It can be installed above, on or below grade using glue, nail and staple or floating applications

Q: Is the warranty on my floor transferable?

A: No. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the floor. As the purchaser, you must register the floor and keep a record of your purchase.