Professional Installs & Homeowner Reviews

Looking for some inspiration for your hardwood floors? Scroll down for actual installation images and homeowner reviews!

Vineyard Collection | Sonoma Series | Classic Walnut
Vineyard Collection | Sonoma Series | Natural Hickory
Vineyard Collection | Napa Series | Brighten White Oak
"I am calling to tell you that I had your flooring installed in my lower level and I love it! I have recommended your company to my friends. When I get up in the morning and walk on my new wood floor, it just makes me happy. Thank you." - Jo Ehlers of Waukasha, WI
"The flooring is absolutely beautiful. Love that it is made in Wisconsin and engineered with real wood and HDF from forest materials. The quality is much better than the old engineered product we replaced. Please don't ever change the quality and manufacturing process of your flooring." - Sarah Rakow
"This is a quick follow-up to my experience with the Vineyard Collection: Sonoma Series: Classic Walnut flooring I have installed in my new house in Utah. My son and I have installed the flooring as far as I want to so far because of the layout of the house. That's about 900 ft². This way my subs can enter and go downstairs or to the master suite and not walk on the new floor. We have about 300 ft. to go. We covered the floor with red rosin paper and Masonite as soon as we finished that portion. I've been vacuuming each day just to make certain the floor remains perfect. As far as the install, it was a dream to install. Every piece fit perfectly and all seams are tight. The nail gun you suggested worked perfectly every time. I purchased one box of staples which is proving to be more than I need, which is great. I'm anxious to see how it holds up under everyday use, but it seems pretty tough. It is unbelievably beautiful." - Bill Bartlett of Arlington Heights, IL
Freedom Collection | Cliff Grey Hickory
Vineyard Collection | Sonoma Series | Natural Hickory
Images taken at the Overland Sheepskin store in downtown Denver, Colorado.