Trustor Coatings

From The Forest is an innovative hardwood manufacturing company located in central Wisconsin, USA. Trustor coatings has been a key stain and top coat supply partner for over 11 years.

Trustor Coatings supports From The Forest by providing performance top coats, beautiful stains, innovative solutions, safe technology, and products that reduce our environmental footprint. Trustor Coatings supports us not only as a vendor, but as a way for us to promote and share our core competencies.

We actively promote Trustor’s finishes to our customers! Trustor Coatings produces the industry’s best topcoat, called WearMax XT. This top coat is a ceramic based polyurethane made from the highest grade of aluminum oxide. It is two times more abrasion resistant than standard aluminum oxide finishes! This finish is stain resistant, wear resistant and scuff resistant. Spills happen, and with WearMax’s top coat performance, accidents are not a problem for our customers!

Trustors innovative recipes seep deep into the wood grain of our products with their carefully formulated stains. From The Forest offers hundreds of stain options, both standard and custom. This could not be accomplished without the support of Trustor Coatings.

All the finishes we use from Trustor Coatings are UV cured and most are water based to meet our requirement of being environmentally friendly. Trustor Coatings formulates our finishes with zero VOC’s and no added formaldehyde. Each coat is UV cured, which has a   lower energy requirement than other coating technologies! Trustor Coatings truly offers the safest technology with the lowest environmental impact among protective coatings.

In conclusion, we highly recommend Trustor Coatings to any company with finishing needs on products such as wood, cork, laminate, vinyl, LVT, and stone.