Want to Refinish?

Want to Refinish?

Do you want to refinish or re-screen your From The Forest engineered hardwood floor? Do you know the difference?
Read here to learn more about refinishing or re-screening options for your engineered hardwood flooring.
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With our eco-friendly and industry's best top coat, WearMax DWR, you won't have to worry about refinishing your From The Forest floor for 10-15 years! However, one of the wonderful things about engineered hardwood flooring is that you may refinish it, allowing it to last generations. This gives you the freedom to refresh and renew your existing flooring and avoid the stress and expense of installing brand-new flooring.
The process to refinish engineered hardwood flooring requires sanding off the top coat and stain. This gives you the opportunity to change the color with a new stain or apply only a top coat to the natural wood. Our From The Forest engineered hardwood flooring offers a decorative layer that can be refinished a certain amount of times based on the thickness of the top layer. In general, thicker tops allow for restraining and recoating of engineered hardwood floors more than thinner material.


If you’ve begun the search on how to restore your current floors, or whether it’s time to replace them, you might have come across screening wood floors—also known and the “buff and coat.” This process is well-known throughout the flooring industry but is often foreign to homeowners.
In a nutshell, re-screening is a process that removes the top coat of your flooring but does not remove any of the colors. Re-screening engineered wood floors or traditional hardwood floors can extend the life of your flooring, as well as save you money, labor, and time involved with new flooring installations.
It is best to re-screen your floors when they are worn, scratched, or dull but the color beneath is not stained or damaged.
Re-screening engineered wood floors is possible, although depending on the quality of your floors, it may not be necessary. With our eco-friendly and industry's best top coat, WearMax DWR, you won't have to worry about re-screening or refinishing your From The Forest floor for 10-15 years!
All of the collections we offer can be professionally re-screened an unlimited amount of times allowing it to last generations.