3 Tips for Choosing Dark or Light Floors

3 Tips for Choosing Dark or Light Floors

Engineered hardwood floors come in various tones, textures, and wood species. Their versatile flooring options add to their long list of benefits and suit multiple spaces. When it comes to choosing the right kind of engineered wood for your floors, there are numerous factors to take into consideration, from your design preferences to those who occupy the space. Light and dark wood floorings both offer a range of benefits and disadvantages for varying scenarios. Here are three tips for choosing between dark or light floors for your home and needs.

Daily Wear and Tear

Dark and light wood floors hold no differences in their structural properties. As engineered wood, both offer durable and resistant attributes. However, their difference in shades affects how the two differ when displaying wear and tear. Dark wood covers dirt, dents, and scuff marks, but scratches show clearly. Since dark woods achieve their pigment from stains, when scratched, their lighter natural surface shows, standing out against the stained parts of the wood. On the other hand, light wood hides scratches easily but easily reveals dirt, debris, dents, and scuff marks. Whether you choose light or dark wood depends on how much and the kind of wear and tear your home endures.

Room Size and Lighting

Colors change the way a room looks. Darker shades illuminate other features within a home and fill large spaces. They give more depth to a brightened room. Meanwhile, light woods brighten a space, making rooms feel more open and airy. When deciding between the two shades, choose one that will complement your space’s size and lighting and work in favor of your desired spacial preferences.

Design Aesthetic

Various interior aesthetics use wood in their design plans, from rustic to Cottagecore. Some aesthetics prefer darkness, depth, and warmth enhancements that allow other design features to stand out. Dark wood floors achieve those aesthetic concepts. They also create mysterious, sophisticated, and cozy ambiances that many aesthetics like. Light wood floors fit modern, whimsical, and coastal home designs. Depending on the texture patterns in the planks, light wood can create sleek, clean, down-to-earth, and worn looks.

Floors set the base of a room, affecting the way a space feels and looks. Choosing light or dark floors creates different atmospheres and determines your desired ambiance for your space. From the Forest offers a range of flooring options like hickory engineered wood flooring in both dark and light shades, giving you plenty of flooring choices that’ll work best for you and your home.

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