The Best Time of Year To Install Hardwood Floors

The Best Time of Year To Install Hardwood Floors

Whether you are renovating or building a new home, installing engineered hardwood floors into your space is an exciting venture. Engineered flooring provides a range of benefits. Upgrading any room with new floors enhances its ambiance, resistance to wear over time, and ecological footprint. Although you can install engineered hardwood at any time, certain periods throughout the year optimize the flooring’s installation process. Determining the best time of year to install hardwood floors depends on different key features that change throughout the year and affect installation.


Each season offers differing atmospheres, ranging in temperatures and moisture levels. Since woods are hygroscopic, certain climates have varying effects on them. Depending on your location, summertime and winter can create extreme conditions, hindering your flooring installation. Summer’s warm temperatures and high humidity levels lead to expanded and swollen woods. Installing planks as they are overly warped causes issues as the temperatures begin to cool, contracting the wood and leading to gaps between the planks. In winter, cold and dry atmospheres cause potential cracking risks to your flooring, especially if they aren’t properly acclimated. Spring and fall provide nice in-between weather and temperature conditions, not leaning toward any extremes, generating ideal installation circumstances. However, some places experience high humidity levels during springtime rainstorms, making fall a better time of the year to insert their wood floors.


If you live in an area with more consistent seasons and climates, the best time of the year for installation depends on the temperature and moisture levels. Despite the high water and moisture resistance, humidity still inevitably affects engineered wood. Quintessential installation atmospheres include an indoor humidity range between 30 to 50 percent with temperatures around 60 to 80 degrees Farheneight; these are also ideal conditions for acclimating the wood.


Like any construction or renovation plan, the most optimal time to undergo the project is during more downtime, at a distance from upcoming major occasions, and when demand for services is low. Slow times of the year ensure that no obstacles or minimal disturbances occur as you install the planks, giving you plenty of time to prep, acclimate, and set the flooring in place. Plus, you don’t have to feel rushed to get the floors done or worry about immediate heavy foot traffic on the boards. At particular times of the year, like early winter, services tend to experience less demand, increasing your chances of quickly getting your floors installed professionally. One of the benefits of USA-made engineered hardwood flooring is its easy-to-DIY installment, omitting the requirement for professional intervention and providing you with more installation flexibility.

Engineered hardwood provides numerous perks that shine better with the proper installation and atmosphere, from versatile aesthetics to durability. Maximize the benefits of your From the Forest engineered flooring by finding the best time of year to install your hardwood floors.

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