How and When to Incorporate: American Black Walnut Flooring

American black walnut is one of the most sought-after hardwoods for wood flooring. What makes it so popular? The rich color and stunning grain patterns create an elegant, inviting appearance that brings warmth and grandeur to any space. That’s why homeowners seek out American black walnut flooring to add an upscale touch to their home. Discover how and when to incorporate American black walnut flooring with this rundown.

The Advantages of American Black Walnut

American black walnut adds value and luxury to any space. This species of hardwood offers one-of-a-kind character that you can’t replicate with any other wood or stain. The deep, natural color brings rich warmth and old-school sophistication to your home. While American black walnut isn’t as hard as other woods, the deep color and intricate grain patterns hide scratches well. This means it will keep its stunning appearance for years. The softer hardwood also makes a comfortable surface for low-activity families to enjoy.

A Color Like No Other

American black walnut’s lavish color makes it stand out among other wood flooring species. In fact, when discovering how and when to incorporate American black walnut flooring, many homeowners opt to skip stains and just keep the natural deep brown tones of this wood. American black walnut makes the perfect base to balance out cooler, more contemporary rooms. Alternatively, American black walnut engineered wood flooring is the perfect choice for a rich, rustic atmosphere.

A Touch of the Exotic

Many people refer to American black walnut as American Exotic wood. This hardwood offers a touch of something unique right from the heart of the country. The entrancing grain patterns of American black walnut stand out in your home, bringing immense character to the space. The naturally rich color is difficult to replicate with other types of flooring. Very little compares to the stunning beauty of American black walnut, but the best part is that this is a domestic wood. That means you can achieve the value of a unique look while making the affordable and responsible choice to purchase American-made products. You get the best of both worlds. Most importantly, you get exquisite flooring to show off in your home.

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