What are flooring bevels and edge styles?

What are flooring bevels and edge styles?

A flooring bevel, or the edge style, is the type of construction on the edge of flooring planks. This construction determines how the separate planks will appear when installed. The types of beveling can either add character, or create a sleeker look. The different styles of flooring bevels all have benefits, but at From the Forest, we believe that micro-bevels are the best both aesthetically and functionally.

45º Bevels

The most common bevel style in solid hardwood flooring. A 45º bevel creates a deep and noticeable divides between flooring planks. This style of flooring edge is more likely to attract and accumulate dirt. However, some believe it adds a more rustic element to floors.


Square edge

Square edges are completely flat. The edges of the planks but up to each other directly, with no little gaps in the floor. This style is both sleek and seamless, but can take away the character of your floors.


Our favorite style of bevels and edges! Micro-bevels are the best of both worlds! they accumulate far less dirt than 45º bevels, but still offer the character and uniqueness of having a visible bevel.

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