The Top Flooring Trends of 2021

The Top Flooring Trends of 2021

The Top Flooring Trends of 2021

With a new year comes new styles and designs to try in the home. What will 2021 look like for homeowners and builders? When it comes to flooring, a few trends are rising above the crowd. From the way your floor looks to its role in environmental efforts, these styles and options are all the rage right now. If you plan on building, renovating, or even buying a home this year, you can stay on the cutting edge of home design with these top flooring trends of 2021.

Green and Clean

As with many aspects of our lives, environmentally responsible options are increasing in popularity and demand. More and more homeowners are seeking green, sustainable options for their flooring. Materials play a huge part of this, as many people seek renewable or recyclable flooring products. In addition to knowing their flooring is sustainable, homeowners also want to know it’s clean and healthy. As such, more and more buyers are leaning toward options with low or no VOCs and cleaner, easier installation and maintenance.

Homeowners also take the companies providing the products into consideration, choosing ones that source their materials locally and responsibly.

Keep It Cool

Warm-toned designs are traditional parts of the flooring industry, especially in cozy, rustic buildings. However, cool tones are making a statement as one of the top flooring trends of 2021. Whether you prefer the open, airy feel of lighter floors or the serious, sleek style of dark flooring options, cool tones are an appealing choice. Gray flooring is a particularly solid option that pairs excellently with other neutral tones in a room. From deep and textured charcoals to smooth, paler tones, gray flooring creates a distinguished, natural foundation for whatever design you want in your room.

Natural Looks

Speaking of natural, homeowners are flocking toward styles that incorporate or mimic the gorgeous look of wood or stone. No matter what color scheme, décor, or furniture you have, natural flooring adds texture and character to a room. Natural looks that incorporate wood and stone also tend to be much more durable than other flooring products, meaning they add both beauty and durability to your home. This can lead to lasting value on the market as well as a look you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Engineered hardwood flooring can meet your needs for these flooring trends and any other ones that show up in 2021. Keep up with the times with gorgeous, natural hickory engineered hardwood flooring, which comes in a wide variety of tones, colors, and textures. Visit From the Forest today to find the perfect style for your home, all with the assurance you’re buying from a company that prioritizes the health of the environment.

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