Why American-Made Hardwood Flooring?

Why American-Made Hardwood Flooring?

Why American-Made Hardwood Flooring?

These days, homeowners and contractors look for more than just reliable products that get the job done. They want furniture, décor, and building materials to be of a superior quality. Durability and sustainability are also on every shopper’s mind. Perhaps most importantly, customers look for businesses they can trust. Most people want to buy from companies that incorporate meaningful values and high ethical standards with every practice.

One of the best ways to purchase such products is to prioritize American businesses. Why is American-made hardwood flooring so valuable to American consumers? Explore the benefits with this brief rundown.

The Environmental Benefits

Manufacturers must find ways to ethically source their wood, and when you purchase American-made hardwood flooring, you support businesses that source their wood domestically. This vastly reduces concerns of deforestation and other major environmental issues. Responsible American hardwood flooring manufacturers such as From the Forest get their wood from managed forests, ensuring that trees can continue to grow even as woodcutters harvest their lumber.

On top of that, purchasing domestic products creates shorter travel routes. This eliminates the need for massive vehicles such as ships or planes, which in turn lowers harmful carbon emissions. Shopping domestically is always good for the environment, and hardwood flooring products are no exception.

The Product Benefits

Whether you’re building or renovating, you deserve the best materials on the market. There are many reasons why American-made hardwood flooring stands out on the market. The longer shipping times of foreign products make it difficult to closely monitor and ensure the quality of the hardwood. Plus, domestic products have shorter delivery times, which means you can receive and install your floors more quickly than you would be able to if you bought from foreign manufacturers. Finally, American-made products must follow American standards and regulations. In hardwood flooring, this means your products will be CARB-compliant and follow all federal standards of quality.

Shopping brands you can trust gives you a sense of security and assurance throughout your building project. At From the Forest, we source all our materials close to home. See the difference in quality when you shop collections such as our American black walnut engineered wood flooring. With sustainable practices, high ethical values, and classic American quality, we provide engineered hardwood flooring you can rely on for any project.

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